We offer execution and installation of fire protection systems, based on years of experience in both design and execution.


Fire protection systems are key elements of protection in every building, regardless of size or purpose. The design of these systems requires careful planning and implementation in order to provide effective fire protection and minimize risks to people, property and the environment.

Our team of engineers is here to offer you the best solutions and respond to your requests in accordance with all domestic and international standards.


Installation of fire suppression systems requires careful planning and expertise. The equipment is placed in strategic places in the building according to the project in order to ensure optimal coverage and system efficiency. It is important that the installation is performed in accordance with the regulations and standards. After installation, testing of all system components is conducted to verify correctness and efficiency. This includes testing detectors, alarms, sprinkler or other fire suppression systems. Only after successful testing is the system put into operation.

Training of personnel: An important step in the implementation of fire protection systems is training of personnel in the proper use of the system and the implementation of evacuation plans. Staff should be trained in how to react in case of fire, how to use fire extinguishing equipment and how to organize evacuation in a safe manner.


After commissioning, fire protection systems require regular maintenance and servicing in order to remain in optimum condition. Regular checks and servicing ensure the correctness of the system and prevent possible problems or malfunctions.

Implementation of fire protection systems requires careful planning, expertise and hiring of qualified professionals. High-quality fire protection systems are crucial for the safety of buildings and fire protection.


Design, construction and maintenance of safe fire protection solutions

Detects and reports fires, automatically initiates the water extinguishing process.

Comparable to a sprinkler system, using significantly less water and greater efficiency.

Outstanding efficiency in rooms with electronic and electrical equipment.

Protection of high-risk areas due to flammable liquids or plastics.

Detects and reports fires, automatically initiates the water extinguishing process.

Our team is at your disposal to help you choose the best option for your fire extinguishing system.